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CallFriends is your customized social phonebook.
We gather your friends, family, contacts, Facebook groups, events, birthdays
and your schools into 1 simple click-to-call app. You've already created your social network. We organize it for you and add mobile group calling with a click. No more phone numbers.
CallFriends group calls are like a conference call with friends and family. You click, and everyone's phone rings. Instantly, you have a new and fun way to call up to 6 friends on a single mobile call.
CallFriends is for US mobile phones only. Have fun. Call friends. Bye!

1. What is CallFriends?

CallFriends is a mobile phone group calling and conferencing app.

2. Is CallFriends free to use?

When you make a call, only your regular carrier charges apply, nothing extra.

3. How does it work?

Just select friends to call. Your mobile rings and so does theirs. Answer, press 1 and you're in the call.

4. Is my personal information secure?

Totally. We never share your information with any 3rd parties.

5. Why all the Facebook permissions?

No worries. We're not nosy. We needed the permissions to organize and include all the groups, events, etc that you have already added to Facebook. No funny business. We promise.

6. Who can I call?

You can call anyone who's mobile number is in your contact list and Facebook friends who also have the app.

7. How many people can be on the call?

Welcome to a new experience - you can call up to 7 on one mobile call - you and up to 6 others.

8. What does Call and Post mean?

You have the option, when you start a call, to post a live clickable link that appears in your Facebook newsfeed. Other friends who see this can click and join your call! You control who sees the link. You control who is allowed to join in the party call.

9. What happens if my calls drops, or another person's call drops?

Mobile phone calls drop - it's a fact of life. With CallFriends, we have a solution. The call orginatior has "recall" controls and can ring themselves or anyone else back into the call.

10. Is CallFriends US mobiles only?

Yes. But international calling is in the works.