Call Friends gives you free group video rooms.
It's easy to make your first Video Room with just a click, go to our new video group calling site and log in with Google or register a free account.
CallFriends group video rooms give you a link to video call with friends and family. You send the link and anyone can join your video room. Create as many Video Rooms as you wish. It's all free.
CallFriends is free group Video Rooms that you can have fun with anytime Bye!

1. What is CallFriends?

CallFriends is a group video room web site where you can set up a video conference with just a click.

2. Is CallFriends free to use?

When you make a video call, it's on the Internet only so that is all you need to pay for is an internet connection.

3. How does it work?

Just sign up and log in and then create a Video Room, which generates a unique link. Use this link to send to your friends to join in.

4. Is my personal information secure?

Totally. We never share your information with any 3rd parties.

6. Who can I call?

Anyone who has your link can join in the room, plus you can administrate who is in the Video Room and who is not with lots of options.

7. How many people can be on the video call?

There is no limit to how many people can be in the Video Room but we suggest less than 30 just because it gets a little bit crowded.

8. What does Call and Link mean?

You have the option, when you start a call, to post a live clickable link that appears in your Facebook newsfeed. Other friends who see this can click and join your call! You control who sees the link. You control who is allowed to join in the party call.

9. What happens if my calls drops, or another person's call drops?

Mobile phone calls drop - it's a fact of life. With CallFriends, we have a solution. The call orginatior has "recall" controls and can ring themselves or anyone else back into the call.

10. Is CallFriends US mobiles only?

Yes. But international calling is in the works.